Why makeup tutorials don’t benefit everyone.

We’re living in this age where every other person wants to become a famous beauty blogger or fashion blogger.

So many videos of people promoting products and looks, all of it for what? Probably the money and sponsorship.

What’s in it for them and the viewers ? Depends.

Since the past three years I’ve been watching tutorials from various beauty bloggers and youtubers and yeah I’ve tried whatever they’ve tried to teach as well.

You’ll probably be wondering what’s the issue then? 

There are many.. 

Let’s start with 

The products.

What I’m trying to imply is . We all come from different parts and corners of the word. A product that’s found in America wouldn’t be probably found in India. Not at least with the same quality. Also the expenses matter. Are we all rich enough to buy a kylie eyeshadow palette or huda beauty palette or lipstick without cribbing about the price ? I highly doubt it.

What I usually try to do is use alternatives and swatches but do I still get the final outcome ?Inspite of playing the video on repeat? No not yet.

We’re all born with different features and skin colour. What looks good or specific on someone wouldn’t look the same on someone else. 

It depends on various factors.

It involves finance and each one’s specific features. You can’t look like BeyoncĂ© and Jennifer Lopez or any other self proclaimed beauty guru inspite of trying your best because they’re born with it or probably have spent millions on plastic surgery and the products and yes lighting as well!! which none of us would be able to duplicate with the help of makeup or anything else whatsoever.

In the end, what I feel we could do is keep experimenting and trying new stuff as to create our own new looks instead of trying to duplicate what has been already showcased by someone.


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